Aganetha Dyck


The Manitoba Arts Council for generous financial support over the years via Travel, Project, Major Visual Arts Awards and the Artist in the Schools/Communties projects.

The Canada Council for the Arts especially for the Exploration, Travel and Inter Arts Grants.

Peter Dyck for continued support via documentation, hive alterations, crate construction and much more.

Phil Veldhuis, beekeeper for continous support in the apiary over the past 20 years.

Richard Dyck for collaborating on Inter Species Communication Attempt and the Hive Scans project.

Patricia Wasney, Michael Dyck and Diane Johnstone for information on bee related news.

Deborah and her brother Richard Dyck for web design and internet research.

The Department of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. Dr. Mark Winston for his time and generous assistance in my project of sculpting and drawing collaboratively with the honeybees. I would like to thank him for his patience and informing me that all questions are worth asking. Heather Higo for sharing her vast knowledge in the bee lab. The support of Dr. Mark Winston and Heather Higo has furthered my understanding of honeybee communication systems.

The Beaverlodge Bee Lab in Beaverlodge, Alberta under the Direction of Dr. Don Nelson, Dr. Stephen Pernal and Adony Melathopoulus for their expertise and support via the construction and installation of a special hive for exhibition purposes.